Dylan Rabideau Passes GMK Certification!

Dylan R passes CDL certification

Dylan Rabideau joins other Shawmut technicians who have passed the challenging GMK certification test. The certification course, held at Grove’s facility in Shady Grove, Pennsylvania, consists of numerous classes dedicated to learning the technology and operation of the GMK product line. In order to complete the certification, the mechanics must show proficiency and expertise in troubleshooting, diagnosing and repairing any pneumatic, hydraulic, electrical, or electronic control systems utilized in GMK cranes. The certification provides the ability to streamline the diagnostic process due to additional information, programs and tools supplied through the training.

The GMK Certified technicians are kept abreast on new equipment that is currently being released into the field through GMK New Technology classes. During these courses, the skills are developed to work on any new modifications or innovative updates to the product line, as well as all new products developed by the GMK team at Grove. 

Dylan is a valuable technician that works out of our Manchester, CT location. Congratulations, Dylan!