Bechem Lubricants

Bechem Lubricants

Why Bechem? 

* Leading producer of high-quality specialized crane lubricants for a variety of different applications. 

* The only OEM approved boom grease specifically designed for telescopic boom cranes. 

* Broad assortment of high-performance lubricants that ensure prolonged service life and reduction of maintenance costs.

* Longer lasting results with fewer applications.  

* Excellent adhesion and clean application reduces wasted grease and cost of boom greasing.

Bechem Specialized Lubrications for Cranes:

BechemPAL-1 Boom Grease
Boom Grease * Standard Formula * Sprayable w/ Gun
P/N: 90123297308
12 cs White
25 KG 9012329302
10 KG 9012329474
Standard 90123297342
(400 grams)
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CG-1 V Boom Grease
Boom Grease * Low Temp. Formula * Sprayable w/ Gun
P/N: 90121927120
28 cs
(400 grams)
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SW2 High-Lub Grease
Multi-Purpose * Boom Pins/Auto Greasers * Sprayable w/ Gun
P/N: 90043727112
12 cs Yellow
(400 grams)
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LubeJet Eco Sprayer
Spray Gun * For Application of Bechem Cartridges
P/N: 7613319
(1 gun)
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Berulub Palfluid Spray
Boom Spray Grease * Touch-ups / Extends Lubrication Intervals
P/N: 5305609832
(400 ml)
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SW2 High-Lub Spray
Spray Grease * General Purpose * Not for Boom
P/N: 5305809832
(400 ml)
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GA2500 Spray
Open Gear Lube * Bearing Lube * Semi-Synthetic
P/N: 5308609820
(500 ml)
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Berulit 400
Adhesion to Metal Surfaces * High Lubricant Film Pressure Resistance * Open Gears, Sliding Components, Die Forging
P/N: 9005401302
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Beruclean ECO
Biodegradable Cleaning Agent * Removes All Types of Oil and Grease Contaminations * Strong Dissolving Effect
P/N: 2000202405
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Beruprotect Spray
Solvent Containing Protective Wax * Excellent Adhesion * Very Good Corrosion Protection
P/N: 5310809832
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Beruprotect Rope Spray
Wire rope care product * Low viscosity, easy application * Great penetration properties
P/N: 5302319832
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Mato Lube Shuttle
Grease gun w/ Hose * Zinc plated steel cartridge protection tube * Ergonomic pistol-grip
P/N: 3035020
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