Maximize Your Crane’s Potential with MAXbase Outrigger Positioning Technology

MAXbase Crane

- Improved capacities on 360° charts

- Increased stability

- Higher utilization rates due to increased adaptability

- Increases setup flexibility on jobsites

- Simple jobsite planning


MAXbase OutriggersManitowoc’s new MAXbase outrigger positioning technology enables outriggers to be set in various configurations through the Crane Control System (CCS). The CCS display shows the limits of MAXbase’s lifting capacity and offers calculated load charts for each configuration, making it easy to select the right configuration. CCS offers intuitive menu navigation and a user-friendly interface, increasing convenience and accuracy when operating the crane.

The ability to utilize asymmetrical outrigger positions allows the MAXbase system to provide greater set up flexibility at the job site, allowing easier access to narrow sites. Adaptability is enhanced with the capability of controlling outrigger lengths by both right and left or front and rear directions.

Additionally, the MAXbase system improves even symmetrical outrigger positioning. The four-sector calculation formula allows an increase to 360° charts by more specifically defining stability limitations and taking advantage of them.

Unavoidable obstacles on jobsites frequently prevent all outriggers from being fully extended. The MAXbase system reduces the number of situations where fully a retracted outrigger base is necessary on constricted jobsites. Asymmetrical outrigger positions can result in positioning the crane closer to the lift, reducing the radius and amount of counterweight needed to perform the lift.

MAXbase allows cranes to be set up on various types of outrigger bases, enhancing flexibility during erection. This makes jobsite planning much easier and reduces transportation costs of using additional accessories such as jibs or additional counterweight.

MAXbase can be retrofitted on all previous crane models equipped with the Crane Control System (CCS).