NCCCO Test Prep & Testing Available at Shawmut in September

NCCCO Testing at ShawmutShawmut Equipment will provide preparation for NCCCO crane operator testing along with the written and practical exams at Shawmut’s South Easton, Massachusetts facility September 17-21 2018. The cost of the four day program is $1,900 per participant.

During the test preparation, participants will review the written materials and the skills needed to pass the written and practical exams on the following equipment:
     - Swing cab / large telescopic operator certification    
     - Fixed cab / small telescopic operator certification

Following the test preparation, students in the course will take the written test and the practical test on cranes at Shawmut Equipment’s facility. The program consists of approximately two days of test preparation and two days of testing (written and practical) with an extra fifth day for testing if necessary.

Many general contractors, state and local government agencies, and insurance carriers are already requiring crane operators to be certified. Sign up now to avoid waiting and higher costs as the OSHA requirement deadline (in states that do not already require) draws near.
Crane Certification Testing

Date:         September 17 - 21, 2018

Price:        $1,900 per participant

Location:   South Easton, Massachusetts

Call 508-238-1900 for more information.