Shawmut Equipment Company Celebrates Women in Construction Week! Spotlight on Jenna Desrochers, Shawmut Equipment Service Administrator

Shawmut Equipment Company Celebrates Women in Construction Week!

Shawmut Equipment Company is proud to honor the strong and intelligent Women working in the field of Construction as the industry celebrates National “Women in Construction” Week; March 5 – 11th 2023.

“National Women in Construction Week” allows an opportunity to highlight Women in the Construction Industry.

This week companies and organizations across the U.S. have been featuring the courageous women employed in many roles across the wide field of Construction – on jobsites, in material labs, in garages and in the office. It is very clear that Women occupy a vast array of both direct and supporting roles in the industry. Today, Women can be found in positions from Sales to CEO, or hands-on, high up in trees with ropes and chainsaws, framing a home or operating a crane!

Many of the featured women have been pioneering the way in the construction industry for years and many are young, motivated, and new to the industry. The women working in construction over the past decades have laid the foundation for the next generation of women in the industry. The obstacles they have faced and the challenges they have overcome, have paved the way for the continued integration and progression of Women in Construction.

One such early pioneers in Construction, was Kay O’Connell; one of Shawmut Equipment Company’s first employees back in 1957! She was a tenacious and intelligent woman. Kay wore many hats for Shawmut from receptionist to accountant. Kay’s exceptional typing and organizational skills set the foundation for the growth of the company, the heavy construction equipment industry and greater construction industry as a whole! The current trend of women in construction would not surprise Kay and that trend is hard to ignore; the number of Women in Construction is growing.

Shawmut Equipment currently employs thirteen inspiring “Women in Construction” within the Company. Women working at Shawmut Equipment occupy positions in a variety of departments from Accounting to Sales, Marketing, Parts and Service.

All thirteen women working at Shawmut Equipment are a crucial part of the operational efficiency and overall success of the Company. The ripple effect of their smart-work can be felt throughout the construction industry and the jobsites Shawmut supports.

This National Women in Construction Week Shawmut is excited to highlight and brag about one of these amazing women!

Jenna Desrochers, Shawmut Equipment’s Service Department Administrator.

Jenna is the backbone of Shawmut Equipment Company’s Service Department, working in Shawmut’s South Easton Massachusetts location.

Jenna is confident, conscientious, and dedicated. Her organizational skills and attention to detail make her a great fit for the Service Department, as well as big reason for its day-to-day smooth operation!


Jenna’s friendly and clear communication make her a wonderful nodal point for coordination between departments and customers. Jenna is curious and eager to learn, and not afraid to ask questions! Her authentic nature and grounded intelligence makes her a pleasure to work with and will take Jenna far in the Construction Industry.

We asked Jenna Desrochers to answer a few Questions about what it is like working at Shawmut Equipment Company and being a Women in the field of Construction. Jenna’s answers are below:

Please provide a short description of “What You Do” at Shawmut Equipment Company:

I work as the Service Administrator in the Service Department at Shawmut’s South Easton Massachusetts branch. Some of my daily tasks include; check-in/check-out (rental) reports on cranes, boom trucks, and utility equipment, keeping inventory of our South Easton yard, scheduling all technical trainings for the Service techs of all Shawmut branches, scheduling and managing the annual inspections and helping the Service Technicians with paperwork and whatever they need!

Did you have prior experience in the Construction Industry before working at Shawmut?

Yes, I previously worked as a welder for about 4 years, following school at Old Colony RVTHS for Metal Fabrication and Joining Technologies.

In your opinion,

What are the Advantages of being a Women in your job position?

Working in a nontraditional field is a great advantage! Women also offer different perspectives than men on certain aspects, which can provide dimension and value to decision making. In my position, I love being able to communicate and build relationships with the customers and with coworkers.

What are the Disadvantages of being a Women in your job position?

The older generation is used to dealing with men, and sometimes would prefer to talk to men over talking to a woman. Sometime being respected by others in the field can be challenging. As a women, being shorter than the average man, most of the ladders on equipment we have are aimed for a man’s height (making it a little difficult to get up into cabs). Also having to special order safety gear (majority only comes in men’s sizing, and difficult to find sizes for women). And lastly not having as many other women coworkers/peers working hands on in the field.

What is your favorite part of your job?

I have a few. Working with a very great group of people, in a great environment is one of my favorite aspects of Shawmut. I like being able to work with all types of cranes, boom trucks, and utility equipment and learning about the new equipment that is arriving in the yard. I also really appreciate that the job is a mix between hands-on work and office work.

What steps do you think the Construction Industry could take to be more “inclusive” to Women and attract more Women to Working in Construction?

Some steps the construction industry could take is to reduce the stereotype of construction being a male dominated field, empower women to pursue their passions in non-traditional fields and allow women the space and right to be confident!