Shawmut Equipment Earns Manitou's MRT/MHT Eastern Dealer Excellence Award

Manitou Awards
From Left to Right: Ilmars Nartish, VP of Sales and Marketing at Manitou; Shawn Elliott, Managing Director of Eastern USA at Manitou; Todd Homer, Northeast Regional Sales Manager at Manitou; Ben Siemen, VP of Sales at Shawmut Equipment; Ian Mayo, Sales Manager at Shawmut Equipment. Photo by Manitou.

We are thrilled to announce that Shawmut Equipment has been honored with the MRT/MHT Eastern Dealer Excellence Award, marking a milestone in their remarkable journey and evolution within the industry.

This accolade is a testament to Shawmut Equipment's unwavering commitment to excellence, outstanding partnership, and a dedication that resonates through every facet of their operation.

“I would like to express my appreciation and gratitude to Shawmut Equipment for their partnership with Manitou Group,” said Shawn Elliott, Managing Director of Eastern USA at Manitou. “Shawmut Equipment has won the coveted Dealer Excellence Award for Machine Rotating Telehandlers and Heavy Telehandlers. This award recognizes Shawmut Equipment's commitment to customer service, excellence, and our Manitou partnership. Congratulations to the Shawmut Equipment team.”

Shawmut Equipment's success story is one of strategic prowess and passionate dedication, highlighted by several key achievements:

- Robust Partnership: Through consistent teamwork and communication, Shawmut Equipment and Manitou have nurtured a strong, productive alliance.

- Commitment to Excellence: Their dedication to leadership, excellence, and continuous improvement has set them apart as a beacon of success in their markets.

- Impressive Sales Growth: Made increases in sales throughout the year.

- Strategic Inventory Management: Demonstrating foresight and commitment, Shawmut Equipment ensures they meet their customer needs promptly.

- Investment in Knowledge: By engaging in rigorous training for their sales and technical teams, Shawmut Equipment ensures they stay at the forefront of industry expertise.

- Marketing Savvy: Their active participation in marketing activities, including significant industry events like the Arbor Expo, reinforces their commitment to excellence in their Area of Responsibility (AOR).

- Vision and Strategy Alignment: Shawmut Equipment aligns perfectly with Manitou’s vision and strategy, embodying the essence of our brand through every action and decision.

- Innovation and Technology: As early adopters of new technology, including the integration of the MRT 3060 with the Woodcracker attachment, Shawmut Equipment leads by example in innovation.

- Brand Advocacy: Their ability to effectively sell and communicate the Manitou brand proposition, products, solutions, and services to retail end-users is unparalleled, showing a deep understanding and appreciation for what our brand stands for.

The Dealer Excellence Award is more than just a recognition; it’s an acknowledgment of Shawmut Equipment's passion for the Manitou brand, their remarkable commitment to customers, and their relentless pursuit of being the best in the industry. This accolade celebrates dealers who not only excel in their operations but also genuinely care about driving the brand and commitment to customers forward.

The award was presented at the 2024 Manitou Dealer Meeting in Dallas, Texas on March 13.