Shawmut Equipment Keeps A-Quick Pick Crane Service Reaching New Heights

A Grove GMK5150L hoisting steel for one of the Yale buildings in New Haven, Conn.
GMK5150L hoisting steel for one of the Yale buildings in New Haven, CT.

 A-Quick Pick Crane Service, Inc. and Shawmut Equipment Company, Inc.’s relationship can be traced back to a 17-ton mounted boom truck, purchased in January of 1984. The quality of the equipment and service provided by Shawmut is what has kept the relationship thriving.

“A-Quick Pick Crane Service has been a loyal customer of Shawmut Equipment for 35 years because of the product, service and support they provide,” Scott Schrade, President of  A-Quick Pick Crane Service said.


Growing to Meet Needs

A-Quick Pick Crane Service’s original concept was to fill the need of a fast moving and fast set up crane for the small contractor who only needed a few hours of crane rental. As the needs of its customers grew, the need for A-Quick Pick Crane Service to evolve and expand became evident.

“We are now in our second generation and run a fleet of 32 cranes, ranging from 17 to 400 tons and are capable of performing rigging and trucking jobs,” Schrade said.

GMK5150L hoisting the Diner in Milford, CT.

A-Quick Pick Crane Service also carries rough terrain and crawler cranes available for manned or bare rentals.

“We are always trying to keep our fleet current, so when the GMK5150L was introduced we thought it would be a good crane to fill the void between our GMK5120 and GMK5275. The strong load chart, long main boom length and being able to travel in Connecticut with no boom dolly made it an easy choice,” Schrade  said.



The decision to purchase a National NBT45-1 was made for similar reasons.

NBT45-1 boom truck removing trees at a residence in Oxford, CT.

“We have always relied on the national product for our boom truck fleet. The 14127 has been the most utilized boom trucks in our fleet, and when this model was introduced, we thought the longer boom and extra capacity would make us more competitive in the market,” Schrade said.



A-Quick Pick Crane Service provides crane and rigging services customers in Connecticut, Massachusetts and New York. For more information, visit