Shawmut Now Proudly Offering BECHEM Lubrication's Specialized Crane Lubricants

BEchem Grease

Shawmut Equipment is now proudly offering BECHEM Lubrication Technology's specialized lubricants for cranes.

These lubricants have been trusted by heavy equipment manufacturers and owners for decades.

Now customers can place orders directly through Shawmut Equipment's Parts Department.   


The wide range of BECHEM’s crane grease and lubricants include:

- Boom Grease for All Telescopic Boom Cranes

        - Approved for use by OEMsPAL-1 Bechem

        - Excellent Adhesion and Less Wasted Grease     

        - Lasts Longer and Better Lubricates Than Aerosol Boom Lube

- Boom Grease Specifically Designed for Cold Weather

- Grease for Boom Pins and Automatic Greasing Systems

- Wire Rope SprayBechem Spray

- Bearing Lubricants

- Rust and Corrosion Prevention Sprays

- And Many More...


Please contact Shawmut Equipment’s Parts Department for more information about BECHEM’s impressive line of lubricants for your cranes.


Bechem Logo


BECHEM is the oldest German industrial lubricant manufacturer, specializing in OEM-approved lubricants for hydraulic cranes. 

Don’t trust your crane lubrication with anyone else!!!