What's New

• Repower of the popular crane with new Cummins X12 Tier 4 Final engine offers an extra 25 bhp. • Additional changes were the result of user feedback through Manitowoc’s Voice of the Customer program.
Manitowoc’s Crane Control System (CCS) helps customers operate their cranes more efficiently, get more work done faster, and work with greater precision. Part of the on-board control system is the CCS Data Logger, which provides customers with data about crane use and reports any faults that might occur. By using this data, technical issues can be diagnosed more easily and without any third-party assistance, leading to faster repairs and maximizing uptime.
• The 110 USt-capacity telecrawler outperforms its closest competitors across all load charts. • The GHC110 offers 100% pick-and-carry capability across its standard 0.6°, 1.5° and 4° load charts, providing best-in-class lifting performance.
- Since the launch of the Grove GRT655 and GRT655L rough-terrain cranes in 2017, they have proven a popular model on jobsites around the world because of their flexibility.
Dylan Rabideau joins other Shawmut technicians who have passed the challenging GMK certification test. The certification course, held at Grove’s facility in Shady Grove, Pennsylvania, consists of numerous classes dedicated to learning the technology and operation of the GMK product line.
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